How to make an exchange on your service?
How long does the exchange take?
Why was my order rejected?
I received an email from your service about the replacement of the order details. What does it mean and what should I do?
How does the verification of bank cards go in your service?
Can I cancel the exchange if I have already paid the deposit amount?
Why is my order not executed?
Is registration on your website required?
Why did I receive an amount different from that specified in my application?
The order is overdue, I did not have time to pay, where can I find the details for payment?
What is the schedule of operation of your service?
What services does your company provide?
The funds were not deposited to my wallet, although the order was successfully completed
What is a smart contract?
How does the exchange of fiat currency into cryptocurrency take place on your service?
How do I exchange cryptocurrencies to fiat currency on your service?
How long does the exchange process take?

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